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Community:   RMCCC provides a listing of community events and programs submitted by the public at large that are in alignment with its core mission to promote compassionate awareness and action.

Sponsored:  RMCCC also works jointly with other organizations to sponsor specific activities that further our core purpose of empowering compassionate relationships.  RMCCC may or may not be directly involved in the planning and facilitation such events.

In House:  RMCCC conducts its own events and programs that are designed by RMCCC and facilitated by staff chosen and vetted by RMCCC.

Practice Groups:  RMCCC is strongly committed to supporting Compassionate Communication practice groups, a grass roots movement providing people an informal and ongoing opportunity to practice compassionate communication with others in their own neighborhoods.  Visit our Practice Groups Page for more information.

A detailed description of these types can be found on the Guide To Types Of Calendar Listings page.  Most events and programs are listed on the RMCCC Community Calendar.

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Upcoming Sponsored Events and Programs:

Giraffe Talk!January through May 2014.
with Polaris at Ebert Elementary Denver Public School
This program brings volunteers and primary aged children together to explore the language of compassion and kindness.  More Information…

Family HEART Camp Colorado – July 19 – 26, 2014
with Family HEART Camp (FHC)
Family HEART Camp is a unique community experience for all people who long for more Harmony, Ease, Authenticity, Respect, and Trust in their families, in their communities, and in the world.  More Information…

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Upcoming and Ongoing RMCCC In-house Events and Programs:

Living Compassion – Building Community – 2014-15 Year Long Program
with Robert Gonzales
July 11-18, 2014  January 16-21, 2015  June 7-14, 2015
The Living Compassion program enables participants to deeply integrate their compassionate practice into their daily lives and provides an experience that is truly transforming.  More Information…

The Monthly Compassion Sampler

Each month, RMCCC facilitators lead a half-day exploration into the many facets of Compassionate Communication, scattered up and down the front range.
More Information…

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